Evan Davis The Botton Line

“Dare to be…. There comes a time when your experiences and hard work aren’t enough.”

The Bottom Line Radio Programme with Evan Davis


Evan Davis recently hosted the business conversation show The Bottom Line and looked at executive coaching and its role in supporting business leaders. A few of my clients who listened to the programme said that they recognised much of what was discussed…. the reasons for working with a coach; the benefits accrued; the approach and style of the coaching sessions …. basically they said it resonated with them and endorsed why they use me to support them in their business.


After such a positive recommendation I thought I’d forward a link to the programme and hope that you will listen to it:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0739rfv

If the discussion tempts you into wanting to know more, please contact me by email (leigh@cognisi.co.uk) or ring me on 07768 290694 for a FREE, no obligation introductory coaching session.


“Cognisi coaching helps business owners and directors unlock the 10-20% of hidden potential that exists in most businesses….”

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