Question Based Solution Selling is proven to work in any type of business environment and is the most widely used sales process in the world today. It is successful because it provides salesmen with an easily understood yet very powerful methodology that helps them achieve greater success in their role, more quickly and with easily measurable results.

Question Based Solution Selling provides our clients with:

1. A Map: that provides clarity on the sales process from the beginning right through to its conclusion. This “map” provides a structure to the key areas of the sales process including pre-call planning, piquing interest, understanding the current situation and identifying “pain” that will lead to the sales opportunity

2. A Philosophy: whereby the customer is the focal point (not us wanting to “sell ‘em something”) Helping our customers solve their business problems and aligning our approach to the way they buy is key.

3. Practical Tools: together with aids, techniques and coaching support we provide a set of mechanisms/tools that can be used to close more sales, close them more quickly and with higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Our one day workshop is revolves around the core process of developing questioning and listening skills using our well proven F.I.C.S. model:

  • Facts or current Situation Questions
  • Issue or Problem Questions
  • Consequences or Implication Questions
  • Solution Questions