Training Programmes

Cognisi Executive Training

” If you think hiring someone, training them and then having them leave is expensive, try hiring them, not training them and having them stay…”

Consultative SPIN Selling Training

ILM Levels 3, 5 & 7

Bespoke – Talk To Us About Your Needs

DiSC Behavioural Based Training

Personal Effectiveness, Finance, Sales, Team, Management

Management, leadership and personal development training & coaching designed to help senior managers address specific performance issues.

A Word of caution

We know from experience that ‘softer’ skills learning around the areas of leadership, sales management and team building are the hardest to understand, absorb and apply. Many benefits, actions or modified behaviours are lost when people return to work because they immediately get buried under day to day problems and too easily revert to their previous ingrained behaviours and approaches.

To avoid this we encourage training sponsors to recognise that softer skills learning is a process not an event – it takes time for the learning to become effective. The use of structured 1-2-1 coaching is ideally suited to help embed any learning. It is designed to support the individual’s specific needs , helping them to explore, develop, personalise and embed new behaviours.

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