Consultant or Business Coach?

Consultants 0 :  Coaches 1

As the football season kicks off again there is a lot of excitement and high expectation for many fans. As a Manchester City follower I have even more reason to wonder how things will develop after their recruitment drive this summer. I may be stretching an idea a little too far but I see City as the “executive coach” and the top 4 teams as the established “consultants.”  And using this analogy it got me thinking about what we have to do at Cognisi to break into the next level and provide our clients with even more winning performances than the more traditional established teams without spending millions on new people!

I came to realise that at Cognisi we already have a great advantage over many management consultants! Firstly we are not young graduates fresh out of business school touting the latest theories – we’ve “been there and worn the T shirt”, We employ an approach that helps our clients set direction and get results while collaborating with other people. We aim for our clients to gain their own insights while we are in the background as “shadow leaders.” that way, the learning is embedded into the improvement process.

We don’t deliver a 300-page PowerPoint presentation showing how brilliant we are. We don’t create ridiculously esoteric and theoretical solutions that our clients can’t implement. We are not overconfident intellectuals who analyse and tell people what to do while basking in the glory of our own self-proclaimed intelligence.

We work with executives to build on their own talents and use those talents to take results and organisational capabilities to the next level, according to where they are willing and able to go.

So like Manchester City, I am confident that this season will be a winning one

If you’d like to know how to score more goals in your organisation the please contact us today before you’re fighting relegation!

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