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The problem with most business advice is that it is seldom sought and if it is requested it is often ignored! At Cognisi we address business advice differently because we know the solution must involve YOU!

Bruce Henderson, the founder of the Boston Consulting Group, who describes consulting as “the most improbable business on earth” and who goes on to ask: “Can you think of anything less improbable [sic] than taking the world’s most successful firms, leaders in their businesses, and hiring people just fresh out of school and telling them how to run their businesses, and they are willing to pay millions of dollars for their advice?”

At Cognisi we have a great advantage over management consultants! We are not arrogant brains who analyse and tell people what to do while basking in the glory of our own self-proclaimed intelligence. We employ an approach that helps our clients set direction and get results while collaborating with other people- and we want our clients to gain their own insights while we are in the background as “shadow leaders.” That way, the learning is baked into the process.

We don’t deliver a 300-page PowerPoint presentation showing how brilliant we are. We don’t create ridiculously esoteric and theoretical solutions that our clients can’t implement. Rather, we work with executives to build on their own talents and use those talents to take results and organizational capabilities to the next level, according to where they are willing and able to go.

When to use our business advice:

When the economy is in recession, our clients come to us to find safety and security, to tap into resilience, and to deal with the pressures of layoffs and scarce funding.

When the economy is growing, executives embrace strategies that will speed growth in their companies, from tactics to increase revenues to methods of attracting and retaining top talent.

Even in good times, there is no such thing as “automatic” growth and executives now accept the ever-present specter of economic uncertainty.

Because it is difficult to maneuver in today’s economic landscape, executives seek innovative solutions and strategies in order achieve results. They are also keen to develop their leadership capabilities, including influence skills, engaging and mobilizing teams, strategic thinking, communicating powerfully, managing their relationships and building the next generation of leaders.

If you want to know more and get a FREE business diagnostic that will help you understand where you can improve then contact us today.

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