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I’m Leigh Dorling – my work typically revolves around 4 timeless business principles to help business owners/SME’s get what they want from their businesses:

• Strategy/Vision: Without a clear sense of purpose, without everyone 100% on “the same page” or without a differentiated offering – you will flounder. Creating clear objectives and a clear strategy to deliver the objectives, is a key component for success.

• People: You cannot achieve your strategy without great people. We help you recruit “great people,” develop a great team and have the right structure to deliver results.

• Selling: Helping to develop a clear process for generating leads, improving conversions, increasing transactions and improving pricing are all key to achieving growth and success.

• Leadership/Problem Solving: Every business owner has a constant barrage of obstacles, barriers and problems to overcome. We help you with supportive one to one coaching and “sounding board sessions” that will help you make better decisions more quickly.