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Buzan’s iMindMap® Mind Mapping Software

ThinkBuzan has introduced iMindMap® V4.1 the official Mind Mapping software from Tony Buzan. We offer links to FREE trial downloads and versions available or click here to purchase now.

Mind maps work the way the brain works — which is not in nice neat lines.

Memory is naturally associative, not linear. Any idea probably has thousands of links in your mind.

Mind maps allow associations and links to be recorded and reinforced.

The mind remembers key words and images, not sentences — try recalling just one sentence from memory!   Mind maps use just key words and key images, allowing a lot more information to be put on a page.

Because mind maps are more visual and depict associations between key words, they are much easier to recall than linear notes.

Starting from the centre of the page rather than top-left corner allows you to work out in all directions.

The organization of a mind map reflects the way your own brain organizes ideas.

Mind maps are easy to review. Regular review reinforces memory. Best is to try reviewing in your imagination first, then go back and check on those areas that were hazy.

We remember what stands out (where were you when the Two Towers in NY were destroyed?).

Visual quality of mind maps allows you to make key points to stand out easily.

Mind maps help you Structure your thoughts – They are proven to help you:

  • Develop new and creative ideas quickly and easily
  • Make better, faster decisions
  • Solve problems and find the best solutions
  • Prepare and prioritise plans
  • Capture and organise your thoughts and ideas on one page
  • Prepare and deliver presentations and speeches
  • Write letters, reports and documents

Buzan's iMindMap

iMindMap Elements
The Elements Edition is a simple and easy-to-use tool which allows you to create organic Mind Maps. Ideal for home users and students.

zBuzan's iMindMapiMindMap Professional
Professional  gives you more features when exporting, drawing and controlling maps and limited intergration with Office software. Ideal for business users and teachers who want to use Mind Mapping to help write documents, letters or proposals.


Buzan's iMindMap

iMindMap Ultimate
If you use Microsoft Office, OpenOffice or iWork then you want the ULTIMATE Ultimate tool for full integration with all of your important documents. Contains all the features of Elements and Professional and additionally allows you to enjoy full integration with Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and iWork (exporting options from text documents to spreadsheets to PowerPoint), attach audio notes to branches (perfect for speed or brainstorming), integrates with Microsoft Project and Outlook and includes a full Project Management System including Gantt Charting. Discover the award winning Presentation Mode to create and deliver professionally animated Mind Map presentations with ease.