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Emotional Intelligence (EI) plays a far greater role than IQ in determining leaders’ and organisations’ success……

The Centre for Creative Leadership identified the primary cause for career derailment amongst top execs was a lack of EI

Partners in a multinational consulting firm – those with high EI secured $1.2m more profit.

UK supermarket chain – managers with high EI experienced less stress, had better health, performed better and had a better work/life balance.

Research shows: IQ + EQ = Success!

Understanding and developing your Emotional Intelligence so you are more successful takes time but it’s worth it if you want to be the best you can be.

Emotional Intelligence is recognised as a crucial ingredient for effective leadership and management. EI, unlike IQ, can be learnt and developed during your life and career.

Cognisi specialises in helping individuals and teams explore areas (influencing others, motivation & success, working with pressure etc) they wish to improve and develop strategies to transform their effectiveness at work and realise their potential.