“Dare to be….12 business tips from an FBI hostage negotiator”

Find out how to get the deal you want in negotiations – without turning into Donald Trump.

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“Dare to be …12 FBI Negotiation tips

March 2017 Newsletter

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One Page Business Plan

Business Plans:

On just one page!

Every organisation should have a good, solid business plan. A well-structured business plan shows where you are now, what you intend to accomplish and how you plan to do it. However, the problem with most traditional business plans is that for the most part they just gather dust because they are often seen as too wordy, daunting to read, difficult to appreciate the nuances of phrasing and often lack connectivity.

Traditional plans take too long to produce because writers typically spend hours agonising over the prose; making sure the document looks good and “flows “properly; worrying about the level of detail (too much?….. too little?).

Traditional plans are not dynamic – once written they take too much effort to update – ask yourself when was the last time your plan (if you have one) was re-written.

Traditional plans are often deemed “so important” that they are only shown to a select few! Which if you think about it is rather perverse. They aren’t used to help create a universal understanding of where the company is going, they don’t aid communication if anything they hinder it.

Traditional plans are often seen as “high level wishes” and often lack details on the execution – I recommend that you get every department, profit centre, function to develop their own one page plan. This will help ensure “buy-in” to the bigger plan and keep everyone “on message”

Over the last few months I’ve been helping a number of clients develop ONE PAGE BUSINESS PLANS and have been amazed at their effectiveness.

If you want to improve your business, engage your employees, communicate your strategy better, then I urge you to develop a one page business plan. Once written put it on your wall for daily reference (the bigger the paper that it is written on, or printed on, the better e.g. A1 or even A0).

One page plans work because:

  • They are flexible, easy to edit and revise.
  • They enable you to track objectives, goals and targets.
  • They are highly visual and improve communication of the business strategy to everyone in the company/department.
  • They can be created in a few hours – no agonising over the time spent producing a document that is hardly ever referred to
  • They focus on actions rather than the process of writing a document.

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“Dare to be…. Celebrate Success”

In this article I want to give a counterbalance to the negative and accentuate the positive – I want to encourage you to Celebrate Success more often and with good purpose. All the research and evidence shows that improving employee recognition has a direct impact on your bottom line, less absenteeism, lower staff turnover, better productivity, greater team work, less clock watching, more commitment………… So Why wouldn’t you want to re-balance the scale (at least a little bit) toward developing positive employee recognition activities.