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“Dare to be….” the ultimate coaching programme

Senior Directors and managers of businesses today are often characterised as being energetic, single-minded, results orientated, organised and experienced. Yet we all have areas where we can make improvements – none of us “know it all”. It is also often true that once people reach a level of “seniority” they don’t dare to admit that they need help for fear that that others will see them as vulnerable, a weak leader or have a weak team.

It is because we all have some shortcomings that Cognisi’s “Dare to be….” programme has been developed. It is designed to help address a wide variety of issues in an environment where there is no finger pointing and will reinforce your self-sufficiency and independence rather than challenge it

Business advice for small businesses and SME’s

Business Advice The problem with most business advice is that it is seldom sought and if it is requested it is often ignored! At Cognisi we address business advice differently because we know the solution must involve YOU! Bruce Henderson, the founder of the Boston Consulting Group, who describes consulting as “the most improbable business […]

Achieving goals and targets

Commitment and accountability are crucial to achieving your goals. The American Society of Training an Development (ASTD) conducted research on the probability of individuals’ completing a goal and it showed that success was directly linked to external support:

When Should You Consider Using An Executive Coach

The use of Executive Coaching is wide and varied but typical situations where coaching can provide significant benefits include the following situations where there is a need to: Improve an individual’s performance to achieve better results – by using one-to-one performance and leadership coaching it’s possible to leverage people’s strengths, improve decision making and produce positive business […]

FREE ….”Dare to be…” taster session

For the fist 20 people resonding to this blog and quoting reference DTB2010 you will recieve a 30% discount on the first months subsequent coaching fees. The FREE initial 1:1 coaching session with Leigh Dorling will provide you with: 1. A renewed sense that you can achieve your goals more quickly than by yourself 2. […]

Consultant or Business Coach?

Consultants 0 :  Coaches 1 As the football season kicks off again there is a lot of excitement and high expectation for many fans. As a Manchester City follower I have even more reason to wonder how things will develop after their recruitment drive this summer. I may be stretching an idea a little too far but […]