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Despite the importance of the sales function and the enormous cost of employing and managing a sales team, from my observations of working with 00’s of companies and 00’s of sales people over the years too many companies “allow” their selling activity to be undertaken in a haphazard way. Selling is often handled differently by each individual salesperson, sales meetings are often based upon what individuals are comfortable “selling” and constructed around a one-sided regurgitation of product features and benefits. Not surprisingly results are often hit or miss and owners/directors often become frustrated at the lack of sales success.

If you’re running a business (or a sales team) you shouldn’t rely on the “naturally gifted” – instead make sure that your sales team is using a proven sales process/methodology that works for a wide spectrum of people. Your sales team should have a “common language” that will enable everyone to discuss sales activities in a uniform manner and undertake the key sales skills (questioning, listening, rapport building, product presentation etc.) to best effect.